GM Salt – A Certified Manufacturer of Himalayan Salt

GM Salt never compromises on the quality and purity of Himalayan Rock Salt. Our vision is to deliver the purest, Natural and Chemical-Free Himalayan Pink Salt products to as many people as possible. Our Rock Salt is free from refining and external additives to maintain its Natural Raw Form and Mineral Contents.

GM Salt holds many certifications, to drive the company’s strong commitment to quality, developed by various international quality control and environmental management bodies. These certifications and accreditations are proof that we comply with International Quality Control Standards for production and maintaining consistency of premium quality & supply of goods. That’s why International leading brands prefer our products for their manufacturing.

Certifications are the internationally recognized standards that ensure the quality and reliability of products and services of a company. A certificate is not only a legally binding contract that approves the product is safe for consumption but also supports a company’s promise that the product will meet customer expectations.



About Us:

Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik founded GM SALT INC. not just as a business project but with an aim and dream of sharing blessings among fellow humans. GM SALT INC. aims to bring the finest form of the diverse Himalayan Rock Salt products to our clients. To do so, the quality standard is maintained by keeping this vision as our target; as GM SALT INC. functions to deal all stages involved, from the very root level of mining to the finished product.